When is counselling helpful?

Some people carry issues from their past. Relationships or events they have been involved in, witnessed or have been affected by, can shape their current view of themselves. Whatever this might be, at Bespoke we will gently and openly enable the client to revisit these experiences and to gain a new perspective and understanding.

Other people may have current issues: you may be in the wrong job or in an unhealthy relationship. You may suffer with intolerable stress or have become addicted to unhelpful behaviours or substances. Some people can feel completely trapped.

Our work at Bespoke is open ended. You may choose to work with us for a few sessions, and then spend time developing new ways of responding. Or you may choose longer term therapy where you will be offered the opportunity, on a regular basis, to examine and resolve your difficulties.

Our ability to live well is strengthened by the ability to learn emotionally from whatever we experience in life, and to engage consciously in maintaining a balance between our internal and external awareness. Counselling offers a private and confidential setting that is tailored to the needs of each individual for this purpose.

Flexible Meeting Times

Depending on availability it may be possible to meet weekdays, evenings or weekends.


£50 (negotiable) for an hour session with an initial session of 30 mins for £25

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Call us on (0131) 550 3790 or email info@bespokecounselling.co.uk

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Please get in touch with us to arrange your initial 30 minute session